Stair Lifts

When climbing the stairs becomes difficult, there’s no need to go through the hassle and expense of leaving the home you love for the sake of mobility.

A stair lift is a simple solution and safe alternative to stairs. It allows you to maintain your independence without making any dramatic changes to your life or structural changes to your home. With our quick installation, RCM Elevators is the perfect solution.

Our products and support services are available to provide you with peace of mind and, above all, help you retain independence in your own home.

Extensive research and development supports our commitment to produce the best stair lifts using state-of-the-art technology. We aim to offer a total solution in terms of product and support to our customers, their families and careers.

This means that not only must our stair lifts be the best, our customer-care support service must match up to this highest standard.

Stairlift Manufacturers

Bruno Lifts

Straight Stairlifts

As North America’s leading manufacturer of stair lifts, Bruno Independent Living Aids is proud to offer a complete line of the finest battery-powered stairway lifts for residential and commercial use.

Curved Stairlifts

Bruno’s Elite-Indoor-Curve-SRE-2010 model offers a safe and durable design that installs on virtually all curved stairways!

Savaria-Concord Lifts

Savaria Concord is proud to offer home accessibility equipment that responds to your everyday needs and enhances your quality of life.

We pride ourselves on delivering reliable accessibility products for more than 30 years. Savaria Concord develops, manufactures and distributes innovative top-of-the-line accessibility products.


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