Are you in the market for a home Wheelchair Lift or Stair Lift? How about a Home Elevator? At Raymond C Maule & Sons we specialize in helping you enjoy moving about your Annapolis home in comfort. We have several models with a variety of features to choose from. Our chair lifts are masterfully designed and engineered for flawless operation and complete dependability.

We offer straight and curved stair lifts to fit any staircase in your Annapolis home. Leading-edge technology assures complete stability as you move up and down the stairway. An optional wrap-around “park” position saves room on your staircase and provides a convenient entry/exit away from the stairs.

We also offer a full line of custom in-home elevators for your Annapolis home. At RCM we work with industry leading manufactures, builders and architects in the industry. We can customize our home elevators to fit any lifestyle. You can rest assured that that the elevator for your home will be designed to the highest standards.

We can design a wheelchair lift solution around the interior or exterior of your home increasing mobility for wheelchair use. After all, it’s your home and you should enjoy it.

From hauling dishes to banquet rooms in your Annapolis restaurant, to carrying luggage or heavy items from the top floor to your garage, our dumbwaiters can work for you.*