Simply put, it’s a matter of Convenience. A dumbwaiter makes it easier for people and items to move from floor to floor. Whether you’re carrying groceries to your upstairs kitchen in a waterfront home or heading to the lower level garage in a mountain resort, not having to walk stairs makes your life easier.

RCM Home Elevators offers a variety of quality dumbwaiters for homes, offices, medical practices, stores, restaurants, banks, libraries and many other applications.

Reduce the risk of back strain, aching muscles and even accidents.

Stop carrying heavy or bulky items up and down stairs and install an RCM Elevators Dumbwaiter. Our residential and commercial dumbwaiters can offer you a low-cost way to easily transport items from floor to floor.

Increase productivity and lower liability risk while adding convenience to you home or office! For businesses, a Workers’ Comp claim could easily exceed the cost of a Dumbwaiter.

We provide custom lift solutions, so give us your requirements – however unique they may be – and we’ll deliver an ideal design. Besides functionality, RCM Elevators Dumbwaiters feature solid construction and proven reliability.

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