In addition to the Urgent Safety Notice concerning elevators installed with more than 4 inches of “gap space” between the hoistway doors and the elevator car doors, we here at RCM Elevators, Inc. are providing our customers with some additional recommended precautions which we hope will assist you, your family, and any household guests in avoiding potential injuries:

  • Children are naturally curious and should never be in or around the elevator or elevator machine room without proper supervision;
  • Elevator machine rooms should have a self-closing self-locking door and should never be used for storage;
  • Home guests who are not trained or familiar with the safety procedures and/or proper use of the elevator should never use it;
  • If you loan or rent your home, consider locking the elevator and elevator machine room doors to avoid the possibility of injury or death.
  • We have warning signs available to purchase and display that reiterate the dangers of the elevator.
  • Every home elevator should have an annual maintenance and 14-point safety check

The annual 14-point safety check includes:

  • Check of the cables for fraying or damage
  • Oil and check motor for ideal operating temperature and efficiency
  • Retighten and check for bad contacts and loose connections in the controller
  • Test all safety locks and entire safety circuit
  • Check cab wiring, including the telephone and travel cables
  • Check each door to make sure there is less than a 4” gap between the hoistway door and the elevator car door
  • Clean and lubricate tracks for smooth transport as needed
  • Check all screws for any back outs or shears
  • Clean and adjust brake solenoid and check oil level on machine gearbox or pump (depending on drive system)
  • Lubricate and check diverting sheaves
  • Check and replace missing staples on low voltage wiring if needed
  • Test overrun and slack cable emergency safety switches to ensure proper functioning
  • Perform an entire running test to ensure no operational hazards
  • Make sure all hoistway and machine room door locks are operating properly and adjust as needed

Should you have any additional questions or concerns about the safety or proper use of your home elevator, please do not hesitate to contact us at RCM Elevators (888) 353-8878