Inclinator has issued a consumer notice for inspection or recall of certain models due to an industry-wide issue affecting many elevators.

SUBJECT: Inclinator Branded Residential Elevators (see below)
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Inclinator are recalling to inspect/repair the following products due to an industry-wide issue involving home elevators installed with an excessive space between the elevator swing landing door (also called hoistway or hallway door) and elevator car door or gate. Although there have been no entrapment incidents with our elevators, young children can become entrapped in that excessive space and suffer serious injuries or death. If there is an excessive space between the landing door and elevator car door at any landing, we will provide you with free space guards to eliminate the excessive space.

The following models are affected:

Certain Winding Drum (450 – 1,000 lb.), Hydraulic Drive, Chain Drive, Traction Drive and Overhead Cable Drum units sold between 1979 and 2021. Serial numbers are located on the elevator controllers, stamped on the rails, or on the outside of the drum for Winding Drum units.


The above picture shows a Residential Elevator with Space Between the Exterior Swing Landing (Hoistway) Door and Interior Elevator Car (Accordion) Door. A young child can become entrapped if there is an excessive space between the doors.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns about the safety or proper use of your home elevator, please do not hesitate to contact us at RCM Elevators (888) 353-8878

Click Here to Download the Inclinator Notice PDF