Since the first dumbwaiter was patented in the late 1800s, these small freight lifts have been used to move food, supplies, laundry and other items between floors in both homes and businesses. “Dumbwaiters,” so named because they waited on their owners without being heard or seen, provided both convenience and efficiency to the large gracious households of the day.

Inclinator Homewaiter

Residential dumbwaiters still excel at transporting groceries from garage to kitchen, sending  laundry from bedrooms to utility room, hauling bottles and cases from/to a wine cellar, or firewood from ground level to living space without anyone having to carry things up stairs. Reverse floor plans are also common today where kitchen and family rooms are on the top floor, and food items and trash need to go up or down levels.

Savvy homeowners have chosen to avoid the risk of back strain, aching muscles and even accidents from carrying heavy and awkward items by adding a dumbwaiter to their homes. Dumbwaiters offer an economical alternative to full sized elevators, while providing a safe means of moving materials.

Modern dumbwaiters are sturdy and versatile, and can be customized to fit your home’s layout and décor. Standard residential cabs are available in a variety of handy sizes, and custom models can also be supplied to match your unique cargo needs.

Waupaca Dumbwaiter

Cabs are manufactured of powder coated or stainless steel, and residential models can carry up to 120 lbs. of freight. Some feature interior lighting, so you can easily see what you’re transporting, and some incorporate shelves to make it easier to arrange items in the cab.

Different styles of doors are available from the manufacturer, including commercial-grade bi-parting, slide-up or swing door, or you may have a custom swing door designed to match your home’s design Units can be installed at counter or floor level and can accommodate openings on up to three sides.

Your dumbwaiter can have multiple stops, with automatic controls at each landing. Optional key locks offer protection from use by small children or unauthorized residents.

With so many styles and optional features, rely on a dealer that can guide you through the right selections for your home and provide comprehensive drawings for your builder and architect.

Simply put, it’s a matter of convenience. Whether you’re carrying groceries to your upstairs kitchen in a waterfront home or heading to the lower level garage in a mountain resort, not having to walk stairs makes your life easier.

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