So you made the decision to install a home elevator, stairlift or other mobility solution.  Now, how do you avoid service interruptions and make sure your equipment is ready to meet your daily needs for the long haul?

Just like your healthcare provider performs annual checkups to monitor your health, or your auto mechanic recommends periodic tune ups, you can protect your investment in your home mobility solution via regular annual assessments.

The most convenient and cost effective way to accomplish this is through an RCM annual maintenance agreement. Our factory trained technicians will conduct a 14-point safety check on all your equipment once a year and make any necessary repairs, while offering you a 20% discount on all needed parts.  What’s more, included in the annual agreement is one free service call to be performed during regular office hours.

RCM even offers annual maintenance on all the brands we carry, even if your elevator or stairlift was purchased from or installed by another company. And we’re on call 24/7 to meet all your service needs.

With equipment as vital to your quality of life as your home mobility solution, it just makes sense to ensure it will be there and operating with the same reliability as when it was installed.