Building a New Home? Remodeling?

The cost for a residential elevator is lower than you might think…costing no more than an extra guest room or third car garage in many cases.

Including an elevator in your home is an easy process when you plan it out step by step. It’s not much different than planning for a whirlpool bath, sprinkler system or other major home appliance.

If you are remodeling, consider adding a pitless elevator. These retro-fit products can be installed without digging into basements or foundations, so older multilevel homes can benefit from the convenience and value.

[lightbox style=”modern” image_path=”” popup=”” link_to_page=”” target=”” description=”” size=”portrait_thumb”]There are many elevator models to choose from that will meet your needs. Pictured here are models by ThyssenKrupp Access, one of our manufacturers.

Call RCM Elevators today at 888-353-8878, and let us help you select an elevator model that is right for you.

We’ll provide you with the specifications for the elevator hoistway (the shaft the elevator resides in), and then our factory-trained elevator contractors can install the working unit.
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