Your home is your castle.  It’s familiar, comfortable and full of memories.  But what If mobility challenges from illness, injury or just the passage of time are impacting your ability to get around? Luckily, there are a variety of solutions that can restore your mobility and prolong your independence and enjoyment of your home.

Stairlifts – A flight of steps can be an insurmountable barrier for someone with limited mobility.  Stairlifts offer a versatile and cost effective solution to remove this barrier.  Ride – don’t climb – to the basement or upper levels of your home. Stairlifts come in a variety of styles designed to accommodate straight or curved staircases, or those with multiple landings.  Outdoor models give you safe access to exterior living spaces without the challenge of navigating steps.

Residential Elevators – An elegant and property value boosting solution, new designs and technology make adding an elevator to your existing home more possible than ever before. Choose from fully customizable designs and models to fit with your home’s current construction and décor.  You can move people and property in comfort and style.

Vertical Platform Lifts – Are you or a family member confined to a wheelchair?  A platform or wheelchair lift allows wheelchair bound individuals to be elevated or lowered between floor levels without leaving the comfort of their wheelchairs. Available in a number of designs for both interior and exterior uses, these lifts provide greater mobility without the cost of a custom elevator installation.

Dumb Waiters – Sometimes, the biggest mobility dilemma a homeowner faces is moving heavy objects between floors.  While you may still be completely ambulatory, carrying heavy items up and down stairs can put you at risk of back strain, aching muscles and even accidents.  A residential dumbwaiter can offer you a low-cost way to easily transport items from floor to floor.

RCM offers a wide variety of solutions to address your unique home mobility challenges.  There’s no need to become displaced from your castle.  Allow us to consult with you and tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.